How We Evolve

How We Evolve

The Beauty+ Network’s strategy has four phases of development that take us from establishing the initial solution to opening a flagship salon in a developed market. Our strategy looks to drive ever-increasing opportunities to women who come from distressed circumstances while building a social business network wholly owned by our graduates.

Phase 1: Establish the Initial Solution (Completed)

beauty misteryIn 2013, The Beauty+ Network launched its initial program, Vimean Beauty+, in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This location was chosen because it is surrounded by many impoverished communities and is a popular tourist destination.

Phase 2: Develop A Repeatable Curriculum and Training Solution (Completed)

Nico 2The next phase of our program looks to strengthen our training program and social services.

  • A stronger educator network:  Recruit more stylists to live, teach and work at the salon
  • Empower a local team of beauty experts to run the Beauty+ solution independently
  • Expand accommodations to allow more students to join the program
  • Formalize our beauty curriculum to ensure a proper cosmetology education

Phase 3: Expand the Concept to Other Locations (Pending)

Beauty Plus Network expansion

The third phase of the program looks to repeat the solution in other locations while expanding our services.

  • Additional Training Salons: We will expand our model to more cities in developing countries, continue to build our network and amplify our impact to many more young women.
  • Salon Adoption Program: We will pair our graduated students with salons in more developed countries. Each supporting salon would help provide initial startup capital, business mentorship and performance monitoring.
  • U.S. Community Beauty Training: We will bring star graduates and trainers to the U.S. for more advanced training. This program will provide more opportunities for world-class salons and beauty schools to participate more deeply in our program.

The current strategy looks to open salon solutions in Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, India and Brazil.  Each of these locations were chosen because they are nations battling poverty and driving for women’s equality, while also possessing a strong tourist industry. 

Phase 4 Build a Flagship Salon


Once our network is strong, we look to establish flagship salons in developed markets (such as New York, London and Hong Kong). These flagship salons will exponentially increase both the organization’s financial independence and the opportunities it can provide to women.

The flagship salons will also enable customers from around the world to participate in our program by simply visiting the salon and personally experiencing the beauty of The Beauty+ Network.

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