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Social Impact

In The Last Two Years:

  • Sixteen students have completed the full-time Beauty+ training program and hands-on work experience at our salon.
  • Fifty-three young women have participated in our community beauty skills training classes sponsored by our Beauty+ School.
  • 100% of our graduates have been placed into jobs or successfully opened their own salons.
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Economic Impact

The Beauty+ Network measures its economic impact by adding up the retained savings of Beauty+ students after paying all their living expenses (discretionary income). This amount represents money that can be invested in improving their lives or supporting their extended family.

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Business Success

  • In 2015, the Vimean Beauty+ Salon generated $19,729 in revenue and served 1,588 customers.
  • Over half of the salon’s customers are foreigners who want to support our cause or enjoy high-end beauty services on their travels.
  • We have a 5-Star TripAdvisor rating.
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Network Impact

  • Fifteen beauty professionals from Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States have instructed at Beauty+ Schools.
  • Five local NGO members have volunteered and/or collaborated with our Beauty+ School to provide students with additional opportunities and activities.
  • Three students have started their own Beauty+ Network Salon, while another eight operate their own separate salon businesses
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“We’ve seen how everyone in our network tries to give, no matter if he or she is rich or poor, young or old, works at an international company or runs a small roadside shop. We’ve learned that true giving is never constrained by how much one has. We cherish every small effort people make to help the others because we believe everyone can help make the world a better place.”