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Having the power to earn a sustainabe income transforms lives.
It transforms communities.
The Beauty+ Network has enabled this over 10 years thanks to our partners.
With the more than 500 women in our Network we work to make the world a more beautiful place.

The Beauty+ Network

The Beauty+ Network is a nonprofit whose mission is to help young women living in poverty find their beauty and earn a sustainable income through the vocation of beauty. We do this by establishing salon social businesses that are empowered by established beauty professionals.

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4 Beauty+ Solutions

Our first salon solution in Siem Reap, Cambodia, has created 3 additional solutions by empowered graduates. The Beauty+ Network perpetuates itself as our graduates open their own Beauty+ Solutions.

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Powerful Economic Impact

The Beauty+ Network measures our success by the economic impact we make. This is the savings after expenses generated by each of our graduates- money they are using to not only survive, but to get ahead.

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Thousands Served

Our solutions are successful businesses. We give our students real-world working experience. Our mission is to make people feel beautiful inside and out. By offering high-end services for a good cause, our customers become some of our strongest supporters.