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Why Beauty?

Beauty is something that emanates from within. Beauty is an enabler that opens doors, inside and out. In an industry where money and sales objectives cloud the art and heart of beauty, The Beauty+ Network rises to fill the void.

Here we believe Beauty is a power that brings our women a better life, a better self.

Together we rewrite some stories

"It is hard to be a woman"
"I am proud to be a woman"
25% of females ages 15-24 in developing countries have never completed primary school and lack the necessary skills to work.
"I have an education"
The Beauty+ Network brings young women to class with training and love by professional educators.
70% of people in poverty worldwide are women.
"I can feed my family"
The Beauty+ Network brings young women from poverty to stability by providing sustainable life skills and vocational training.
Woman are often the victims of poverty-related trauma such as rape, abuse, trafficking, coerced prostitution, and more.
“I am confident and powerful”
The Beauty+ Network is an enabler that opens doors, inside and out. Our women learn to appreciate their own inner beauty while they help make others feel beautiful too.
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"I'm not alone"

Our women are a great part of network of professionals and graduates who are changing their communities and believe in the power of beauty.

See Our Impact

"I can inspire others"

After graduating from our salon and working at Vimean Beauty+, Jasmine then opened her own business…

Meet Jasmine

The Beauty+ Network

is made up of three focus areas: The Salon, The Network of Beauty Professionals, and The Training School...

How It Works

We make it as a team!

"I learned in life that the only way to maintain what you have is by giving it away."
- Nico, beauty educator

Meet Our Team