The Sustainable Network

Our graduates are shaping the future of their country.

Beauty is something that emanates from the inside. Beauty is an enabler that opens doors, inside and out. In an industry where money and sales objectives cloud the art and heart of beauty, The Beauty+ Network rises to fill the void. Here we believe Beauty is a power that brings our women a better life, a better self. The Beauty+ Network looks to build sustainable networks that are owned by our graduates and grow organically in every country we operate in.

Step 1: Establish a Beauty+ Solution in an “off-the-beaten-path” developing city

vimean beauty salonThe Beauty+ Network establishes a salon and training school in a developing city that is near an “off the beaten path” tourist attraction. This type of location helps bring beauty professionals and women in need together in a place that offers a great experience for our visitors as well as international exposure for our students.

Step 2: Expand the network with salons run by graduates


As the salon grows, graduated students open their own salons, where they support and expand the network. These new salons provide jobs and training to other women in need and graduates of the program. Currently, there are 3 graduated students operating their own Beauty+ salons in Cambodia. One of them has already started to train her own students.

Step 3: Evolve the network further through graduates from “daughter” salons

Jasmine beauty salon

As the network grows, graduates from “daughter” salons will go on to open their own salons, and further expand the network. As the network in Cambodia grows, the Beauty+ team looks to repeat the process in more countries.

Jasmine's dream Seang Mey's dream

We do more than just train our students, we connect them to the knowledge and people they need to succeed before and after they graduate.