Beauty+ Educators

Cara D'Annebale

Our first live-in stylist, Cara, lived at the salon for 6 months teaching advanced hair styling techniques. Having worked for Bumble & bumble NYC for many years, Cara’s skills and education made her an excellent fit for this program. Cara greatly enhanced the skills of our students while improving the overall success of the salon. Cara hopes to go back to Cambodia in the near future to continue her work helping youth there.

Nico Aceves

Nico has been to Cambodia four times since our first salon openedto help educate our students. As a very accomplished stylist and educator from Bumble & bumble in NYC, Nico teaches our team the latest skills and keeps their services unparalleled in the Cambodian market.

Giving Away

Sarah Rappolt

Sarah is the education manager Wonderland Beauty Parlor in NYC and has been to Cambodia three times to teach our students. Her fun personality and incredible experience working across a multitude of cultures has helped many of our students gain the skills they need to succeed.  As Sarah puts it, “Working with the Beauty+ Network has been as valuable to me as to the girls we get to teach. Poverty should never be the determining factor on whether you can get a great education and develop as a successful, fully functioning global citizen. Beauty+ has put my hope of everyone having a fair shake in life into action. It’s nice to be able to share 20 years of experience in the beauty industry with girls that are thirsty for knowledge.”

Sarah's Heroes

Sophion Loh

An expert in makeup and beauty, Sophion worked with our students teaching them Bobbi Brown makeup essentials. Coming from Singapore, Sophion brought a great depth of knowledge and experience working with Asian skin and helped our students find looks that were right for their market. Sophion’s incredible sense of style and experience as a makeup educator helped our students become much more skilled in using makeup.

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